"Hakomi Educational Resources (HER) seeks to provide therapy, teaching, training, organizational consulting, and multiple resources in a way that is consistent with the integral principles of the Hakomi Method, principles based on the sciences of living organic systems that I find consistent with many tenants of the major spiritual traditions of the world as well.” – Greg Johanson , Director of Hakomi Educational Resources

HER provides, sponsors, co-sponsors, supports and/or staffs an array of resources that support personal and professional growth in manifold contexts from the individual to the corporate.

Comprehensive Training Grand Rapids, MI 
April 2016

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            Professional Trainings in

                        Hakomi Therapy

                        Sensory Motor Psychotherapy

                        Internal Family Systems

                        AEDP=Accelerated Experiential Dynamic


                        Pastoral Care and Counseling

                        Clinical Spirituality

                        Integral Thought & Applications

                        Body-Inclusive Psychotherapy

            Consulting & Workshops







 Greg Johanson, M.Div., Ph.D., NCC is the  Director of Hakomi Educational Resources.  Call (503) 897-4830 or email greg@gregjohanson.net for a  free consultation on whether psychotherapy or other HER services are appropriate for you and your situations. 

Or, scan the site map to get more information on such things as Hakomi Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, or AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.)  The therapy secition also contains an "informed consent" form that has more details of the practice.

Greg  is also the Director of the Grace Counseling Center of the Stayton United Methodist Church where pastoral counseling is offered.  Please see the site map or click on the highlighted items to learn more.  The  "GCC Informed Consent" form has more details about using the counseling center.  Call (503) 769-4108 or email greg@gregjohanson.net for a  free consultation on whether pastoral counseling services are appropriate for you.

 Please consult the “site-map” for more specifics on these offerings.

 look out for the NOW AVAILABLE
HAKOMI: Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Pschotherapy:
A Comprehensive Guide to Theory & Practice

Halko Weiss, Greg Johanson, & Lorena Monda (Eds.)
New York: Noton Publishers, May 2015

(ISBN 978-0-393-71072)

Also now available in English through
North Atlantic Publishers
Handbook of Body Psychotherapy &
Somatic Psychology

Edited by Marlock and Weiss

Ronald S. Kurtz 1934-2011 

Founder of Hakomi Therapy

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