Spirituality and Pastoral Care Bibliography


The main focus of this bibliography is on items that include some perspective on pastoral care and spirituality. Some items dealing primarily with spiritual direction have been included when they contain sections dealing with psychological aspects of pastoral care and counseling. A few items from cognate fields have been included when they have been cited many times in the literature relating pastoral care and spirituality. This is true for some feminist contributions not written by spirituality and pastoral care writers per se, but commonly used by feminist teachers, scholars, and practitioners when engaged in aspects of spirituality and pastoral care.
"Spirituality and Pastoral Care" is a relatively new heading in pastoral care bibliography. It includes some overlap with more traditional headings dealing with mysticism, and with conversion. The word "spirituality" is used in a broad and indistinct manner in the literature. Plus, there is as yet no clear distinctions between "spirituality" and a number of related terms: "biblical faith," "Christian values," "religious experience," "contemplative," "meditative prayer," etc.
In addition to checking with the bibliographic resources listed below, the other method for constructing this bibliography was to check the bibliographies of acquired books and articles specifically addressing spirituality and pastoral care. There are undoubtedly omissions and oversights.[1547]
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